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Amongst search engines, Google is the undoubted king: Google powers 65.7% of all searches in the United States (The Nielsen Company, Mar 2010). Inclusion in Google also means that your website will be included in results from AOL Search, Netscape Search, Lycos and many more.

But you should also make sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. That’s why Easy Submit also submits your URLs to Google and over 300 other search engines and directories, including AllTheWeb, Jayde, ScrubTheWeb, Abacho, Aeiwi, ExactSeek, Mirago, Search It, Sympatico, Web Trawler and many more. See below for a full list of search engines and directories.

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Quick Tip:

Search engines are quirky and may drop your website from their index. We recommend you resubmit your URLs regularly. This is why you have the option to repeat this search engine site submission service on a monthly basis when you order Easy Submit.

Search engines and directories included
in the Easy Submit site submission service: