Search Engine Optimization

Not satisfied with your site ranking on search engines? It may be as simple as updating your site and it’s related code, titles, descriptions and/or keywords. We can go through your whole site or individual pages and make them more search engine-friendly, thus getting higher positions in search results.

As an Internet marketing strategy, Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) should not be undervalued. It plays an important part in how people search for information and how the search engines themselves work.

Insomnia Networks will work with you to maximize the volume and quality of traffic to your site through organic search results. We consider SEO a core part of any online business and your site will always be properly indexed and search engine friendly, making it easier for your customers to find you. Using analytics, we can measure success and improve your site’s conversion rates.


Search Engine Submission

To ensure that your website is easily found online it is important that you submit your website to the major search engines and internet directories, including:

Google Places™
Google Mobile™
GPS navigation

To do so, we recommend you go to each search engine and internet directories web page, locate the instructions and then complete a monthly refresh of your listing. We have automated services that can push your site with these and thousands of other engines and directories in a snap. If you would like us to complete this process for you please call us at 727-835-8933.

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Search Engine Marketing

Local Site Promotion is an affordable solution that makes it possible for small and medium sized businesses, like you, to improve your visibility among people in your area who are seeking information about products and services you offer.

  • Allows you to target specific geographic areas—select from regions, cities or even specific neighborhoods and target online users who are searching for services located nearby.
  • Perfect for small businesses with small or limited marketing budgets—delivers a lower customer acquisition cost compared to other advertising channels and is highly targeted, reaching people at the very moment they’re looking for your products or services.
  • Puts search engines to work for you—instead of looking for new customers, let new customers look for you. Make your ad visible to people seeking information about your business on major search engines like: Google, Yahoo!, MSN, SuperPages, Altavista, and
  • Allows you to pay for results, not impressions—only pay for customers who click on your advertisement and who land on your webpage, not for placement on someone’s webpage. You decide what you are willing to pay each month and we’ll distribute that budget throughout the month to ensure that your advertisement has consistent display.
  • Ability to create special online offers—set up unique coupons and action-oriented offers that’s only visible for leads coming from Local Site Promotion (your normal website visitors will not be able to see the discount that you offer new leads)
  • Campaign tracking like you’ve never seen—receive campaign activity reports via e-mail on a daily basis. We’ll provide you with an overview of the number of site visits, phone calls (through the tracking phone numbers we have obtained for your campaign), e-mails, and other leads your campaign has generated for the previous day.

Social Media Management

Everyone knows you should have a presence in social media (you do know that, right?). But few business owners or managers have the time to constantly manage a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, online review sites, and more. Our monthly flat-rate packages cover all of that and more.