With content being generated at an ever increasing pace, Content Management has become an enterprise wide issue deserving of a sound strategy and solution.  A Content Management System (CMS) is part website maintenance and part document management, allowing the delivery or modification of new or updated content in a flexible and orderly manner.  Features of a robust CMS include:

  • Completely database driven site engines
  • News, products, or services sections fully editable and manageable
  • Topics sections can be added to by contributing Authors
  • Fully customizable layouts
  • Browser upload of images to your own library for use anywhere in the site
  • Dynamic Forum/Poll/Voting booth for on-the-spot results
  • Import of multi-formatted documents – text, graphics, videos, music..
  • Allocate different privilege or roles to different users of the website – admin, author, contributor, etc.
  • Presence of an alert or notification system where managers or admin are informed of any changes to the existing content
  • Version control is also one of the basic features of a standard CMS. It gives the site administrator a complete control over the management of document versions
  • Supported by a centralized archive where all the published documents are stored. This facilitates a rapid search facility for documents within the site
  • Equipped with a robust editing system which gives the content creator a complete control over the formatting of the documents
  • Layout preview. See how it looks before going live

If you change the content of your site very frequently, then you are in urgent need of a CMS.  Insomnia Networks specializes in delivering flexible and scalable content-centric applications suited to our customer’s specific requirements.



Social Media Management

Everyone knows you should have a presence in social media (you do know that, right?). But few business owners or managers have the time to constantly manage a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, online review sites, and more. Our monthly flat-rate packages cover all of that and more.

  • Share
  • Engage
  • Measure
  • Monitor


In any economic environment, no company wants excessive overhead or waste.  Ecommerce is a trusted business solution where products and services can be sold and purchased at any time from anywhere in the world.