Amazing customer service is an increasingly rare commodity— and one that customers will pay a premium for.

How much of a premium, you ask? A whopping 11 to 21% more, according to American Express’ 2012 Global Customer Service Barometer survey.

Anyone in the service business should give Amex’s 2012 survey results a close read.

Perka merchants have already clued into this trend—and Perka empowers them to offer great service in multiple ways.

It’s no surprise that social media broadcasts whether your customer service is great or terrible. Based on this study, customers who have never used social media for customer service say they’d pay 11% more for great service; those who’ve used social media for service before would pay 21% more!

The table below will really knock your socks off.

Bottom line: word-of-mouth on bad service travels even faster and further than stories of great service.

Amazing customer service starts with… “Hi, Dave! Ready for your iced latte?”

The survey’s includes many tips for delivering better customer service, half of which revolve around building an honest, one-to-one relationship with each customer. This starts with something very simple: Greet your customers by name!

Merchants tell us one of our biggest strengths is that Perka helps staff greet repeat customers by name and to know their favorite order. That kind of personalized service is special on two fronts:

  1. It humanizes the transaction for both customer and staff, paving the way for a great interaction, every time.
  2. It makes your customers feel awesome—and it makes you look like a service genius.

Perka empowers you to take great service a step further. Since Perka reveals your best customers’ buying patterns, it’ll allow your staff to know their favorite order—even have it waiting for them at the register. Now that’s awesome service!

Our valuable data on customer buying patterns can also drive additional sales. If Dave can’t survive without his afternoon espresso shot, your cashier can suggest making it a double-shot or adding a cookie or a flavored syrup—thus ringing up a bigger sale for you. The Perka Merchant Dashboard will also help you discover that there are lots of Daves in your customer base—so you can push them all a Perka special offer for an “afternoon sweet treat”. Finally, Perka specials make it easy for Dave to spread the word about your business via social media.

What else does Perka offer?

We help you sell off surplus inventory and boost foot traffic during slower times,
We promote social sharing between your customers and their friends,
We reward your repeat customers – and increase their loyalty (and purchases),
…and we help you give your best customers an extra thrill.
Thanks to the 2012 Amex survey data, the list above has a quantifiable dollar value. If Dave uses social media, the stats suggest he’ll share his great experience with 42 people! And that jolt of great service Perka helped you provide? That’s worth up to 21% in extra sales revenue to you.

Not too shabby for a $35/mo investment, right?